1. How many cookies are in one box?

A: One box has 3 same cookies.


2. How is the packing?

A: Each cookie is individually packed with the heat seal

3. Does it provide any nutritional value?

A: You can check nutrition value on website and on the pack of each unit

4. Whats the shelf life of cookies?

A: cookies  have a 30 day shelf life.

5. Can we heat the cookie?

A: Yes you can heat it in microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds depends on the microwave used and temperature used 

6. Can we bake the cookie?

A:No .. you can't because our cookie is perfectly baked to eat

7. Any Preservative used in the cookie?

A:No not at all 

8. Can I add a note?

A: Yes you can add a note while placing an order

9. How to store a cookie?

A: cookie can be store in the refrigerator for later use

10. Can I purchase a gift card to give to someone?

A: Yes you can purchase it and the gift card is sent to the mail id of the purchaser

11. How many days it takes to deliver?

A: once the shipment has started email is sent to your registered email id regarding delivery

12. Is it a vegan product?

A:No it's not a vegan product

13. Is it an egg or eggless product?

A: Our cookies are 100% eggless which is feasible for cookie lovers

14.Can we change the shipping address after placing the order?

A: The address can be changed only within 3-4 hours of placing the order. Once the shipping receipt is generated the address cannot be changed.


21.Can I do bulk order/ party orders and how?

A: Yes you can place bulk orders for various parties and occasions, preferably 7 days before.You can always contact us for any information at customercare@crumbscarton.com